Cryptojacking uses the computing power of unsuspecting persons or organizations without their knowledge or consent. Are you a victim?


  • Detect and prevent the full range of sophisticated threats and unknown malware
  • Stop macro and script-based attacks
  • Gain threat context and visibility
  • Detect and stop file-less malware attacks
  • Automate threat remediation, containment and response
  • Boost operational efficiency with integrated console

Make Sure Your Customer’s Organization is Protected.



  • Machine learning techniques use well-trained machine algorithms to predict and block advanced attacks.
  • HyperDetect detects hacking tools, delivery techniques, and sites that host exploit kits and blocks suspicious web traffic.
  • Sandbox Analyzer analyzes suspicious files in depth and reports malicious intent.
  • Process Inspector continuously monitors all processes running in the operating systems.
  • Anti-phishing and web security filtering enables scanning of incoming web traffic in real-time to prevent any malware download.
  • Endpoint control and hardening includes firewall, device control with USB scanning, and web content control with URL categorization.
  • Response and containment automatically blocks/contains threats, kills malicious processes and roll back changes.

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