Innovative Technology That Delivers Performance

Whether your customers are developing cosmological simulations, designing smart cars, or bringing up new systems, the key to full performance is in their code.

Help your developer customers boost performance, productivity, and scalability for compute-intensive enterprise, cloud, HPC, IoT and AI applications―and build modern code that gets every ounce of performance out of the newest Intel® processors.

Innovative software solutions and impressive performance gains in case studies are made possible using Intel® Software Development Tools. Providing these tools to your customers shows your commitment to their technology challenges and opportunities while giving you valuable insights into their organizations in the short, mid and long-term.

Intel Solutions

Today’s high-performance computers not only are multi-core and many-core, their CPUs share the compute platform with other processing units and accelerators—GPUs, VPUs, IPUs, FPGAs, and more.

But as fast as technology changes, the need to deliver performance remains constant. To do that, developers must modernize their code.

Teaching hardware and software to see as humans see is a daunting task, but shying away from the challenge is not in the DNA of developers who have been pursuing this goal for years. Are you seeing how Computer Vision is opening so many new possibilities for amazing applications? The tools, techniques, and tips are right before your eyes.

Can the importance of data center and cloud computing be overstated? Not likely. From migrating workloads to the cloud (or back on premises) to developing for hyperscale or exascale, every second you can shave off execution translates to hours or days at scale. The pressure is high to deploy high-performance, enterprise-grade applications quickly and efficiently. Here you’ll find tools and techniques to help make it happen.

Closing the gap between fiction and technology, data science increasingly influences the business decisions of critical industries—healthcare, finance, engineering, ecology, cosmology, manufacturing. Find the techniques and tools to build world-shaping applications and transform raw data into deep insights.

Growing complexity. Shrinking timelines. Skyrocketing demand for high performance and low power consumption. Sound familiar? The possibilities for systems & IoT are endless—and so are the pressures. How can you push the envelope of performance and user experience?

Why Intel + Climb

We understand that you don’t always have the time to focus on the details around these complicated technologies and product sets – so we do that for you! Here’s how we can help you sell Intel:

  • We have the power to liaise between your customers and Intel – on your behalf
  • Joint calls with you and your customers
  • Assist with licensing questions & recommend upsell opportunities
  • Assist with quotes, support co-terms, and upgrades
  • Provide you with renewal opportunities
  • Assist with business development activities
  • Provide sales training for your sales force
  • Help you with further enablement if you decide to go deeper and further with these tool sets

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