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Global Data Orchestration Plus Infinite Scalibility

WEBINAR: Seagate + Hammerspace - Better Together

Delivering visibility, control, and predictable TCO to the global datasphere.


Thursday, May 25th


2:00 PM EST

Data-centric businesses are facing the challenges of ever growing and dispersed data resulting in increased and unexpected costs, unscalable difficult-to-manage data storage infrastructures, and increased complexity of access and transfer of their own data.

Seagate and Hammerspace have come together to provide a direct access solution with multicloud and multiregion freedom. Smart data orchestration and efficient, infinite scalability is possible with this powerful, end-to-end hybrid cloud storage solution.

In a discussion between representatives from the two organizations, attendees will learn how the solutions are tackling data-centered challenges and providing benefits to customers. This webinar will explore the use cases for this bundle across data-centered industries, such as, high-performance computing, life sciences and healthcare, and media and entertainment.

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