Vercara’s Strategies for Smarter, Cloud-Based Cyber Protection

As Vercara’s Vendor Manager, I recently attended a Climb & DataSolutions’, a Climb Company’s Lunch and Learn session hosted by Vercara. Naturally, the event was a great networking opportunity for channel partners – and Climb and DataSolutions employees, too – but also highlighted the breadth and depth of cloud-based security solutions that Vercara offers to channel partners.  

Over lunch at the Wolseley City in London, we explored potential cybersecurity threats associated with large-scale events such as sports or music concerts, as a case study in how Vercara’s comprehensive suite of services ensures robust security in the face of these challenges. 

The session was expertly led by Vercara’s Justine Weinblatt-Weir, Channel Director EMEA & APAC and Jeff Curley, Senior Sales Director EMEA, who used the backdrop of a major sporting event to detail the sheer number of threats that businesses and organisations operating in the digital space must contend with, at all times. Justine’s engaging presentation covered key threat vectors like API protection, phishing, DDoS, and DNS attacks. 

Understanding the Threats: 

  • API Protection: The Vercara team illustrated how APIs, as gateways to sensitive data, can be exploited during high-traffic events, disrupting services and putting critical data at risk. Vercara’s solution proactively manages these interfaces, ensuring they are not only robust but also can withstand attempts at manipulation. 
  • Endpoint Security: With stories of “enthusiastic clickers” who inadvertently open doors to malware and ransomware through phishing or smishing links, the importance of endpoint security was underscored.  
  • Bot Attacks: Bot attacks can range from ticketing fraud to creating or exacerbating website downtime during crucial moments. Vercara’s UltraAPI Bot Manager uses advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyse traffic patterns and recognise anomalous behaviours. By effectively identifying and blocking bot traffic, Vercara ensures that services remain uninterrupted and genuine users’ experiences are not negatively affected. 
  • DNS Security: Protecting DNS infrastructure is crucial as it’s often targeted to redirect users or disable websites. Vercara has been at the forefront of DNS protection, offering resilient services that safeguard this essential aspect of internet architecture. 

Throughout the event, Justine and Jeff extensively outlined the current threat landscape and demonstrated how Vercara’s solutions effectively address these challenges. Vercara also showcased an expanded portfolio that now includes more than just DNS and DDoS protection. 

The Lunch and Learn session also provided a valuable opportunity for channel partners to network and discuss industry trends. 

At Climb and DataSolutions, a Climb Company, we are proud to partner with Vercara, a company that recognises the need for evolving solutions as threats become more sophisticated. This event emphasised Vercara’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve, offering both defensive and strategic advantages to our partners. 

If you missed the event and want to learn more, or if you’re a partner who attended and are interested in scheduling a follow-up meeting with Vercara, please get in touch with me, Ben Woods at