Achieve Hyperscale Efficiency with Self-Healing Data Storage

Seagate Exos® CORVAULT™ is a high-performing, efficient, durable multi-petabyte capacity block storage system that is self-healing and brings five-nines availability to scale out storage for data center deployments. With CORVAULT built-in breakthrough technologies, data centers experience hyperscale efficiencies, reduced CO2 footprint and operational expenses, rapid deployment, streamlined data management, and automatic hard drive renewal.

Best-Fit Applications
• Large enterprise and CSP data center multi-petabyte deployments
• Software defined storage applications and storage virtualization.
• Primary/production/backup and infrastructure storage
• AI, data mining analytics, and web 3 applications
• Primary and secondary backup storage applications

Extend capacity and reduce your carbon footprint, e-waste, and TCO.

While data creation is growing exponentially, IT teams and budgets are not. That’s why Seagate built CORVAULT. Experience enterprise storage that’s like a single hard drive with multi-petabyte capacity. CORVAULT delivers to data centers hyperscale efficiencies, rapid deployment, streamlined data management, and reduced human intervention. The solution reduces e-waste by supporting sustainable data center architectures that consume less host CPU, RAM, and networking resources up to 50%, which slashes CO2 footprint and operational costs. This is all enabled by Seagate breakthrough data protection technologies using Exos enterprise hard drives and Seagate storage controllers, including Autonomic Distributed Allocation Protection Technology (ADAPT) erasure coding combined with Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR) to automatically renew hard drives on demand.


Hyperscale Efficiency: Lower TCO with hyperscale capacity, maximum space utilization, extended lifecycles, and less power per petabytes.

Sustainability and Cost Savings: Reduces the carbon footprint of data centers with architectures, requiring less compute and networking resources, slashing
e-waste and TCO.

High Capacity: Features the latest, most-efficient petabyte-capacity block storage—with maximum data density—for optimal data center usage.

Superior Data Availability: Provides five-nines data availability, durability, and performance needed to promote reliable data storage.

System Data Protection: Protects data via Seagate Autonomic Distributed Allocation Protection Technology (ADAPT) for rapid rebuilds, storage efficiency, improved sustainability, and reduced downtime.

Self-Healing Hard Drive: Minimizes e-waste, downtime, maintenance, and human intervention by renewing errant drives on demand with ADAPT and Autonomous Drive Regeneration (ADR).

Simplicity: Allows simple installation, configuration, and management with enterprise storage that’s like a single hard drive with petabytes capacity.

High Disk System Performance: Ensures continuous data access with responsive low latency performance.

Maximum Security: Self-encrypts data automatically via Seagate Secure™ for maximum protection, reduced privacy concerns, and secure cryptographical erase.

Dependable Technology: Provides a well-designed, reliable data storage solution backed by Seagate’s 40+ years of demonstrated data storage innovation, expertise, and supply chain.

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