Today, June 1st marks the start of Climb’s Summer Birthday Campaign! We are celebrating our achievements and everything that has led to our success as Climb all summer long.

To kick-start our celebrations, we’ll share weekly Climb success stories highlighting the teamwork between our vendors and our Field Sales. Today’s success story focuses on SolarWinds!

This success story was submitted by Climb Field Sales Rep Victoria Richards highlighting her teamwork with SolarWinds BSS Tim Metcalf and SolarWindsAl Notabartolo. Stay tuned for new Climb success stories all summer long ☀

We’ve been steadily trying to grow SolarWinds business with DMR Connection in the Northeast. So far we are on track to surpass our 2022 number for the year!

I attribute the success to strategic on-site visits & floor days, BSS Tim Metcalf, and commitment to the channel. SolarWinds has made some organizational changes over the past couple months and has transformed their partner program. We saw this as an opening to re-align partner reps on the value of SolarWinds and the new program. Ensuring they had the right resources in place when it comes to deal reg, quoting assistance, and overall execution. BSS Tim Metcalf has been instrumental into bringing these communications together.

Tim and I have been able to go on-site at Connection 2 or more times a month over the past 4 months. We’ve had Al Notabartolo, Channel Manager for the East from SolarWinds join us a few times as well! This face time with the reps is invaluable as we reinforce the channel programs and relationships. We’ve managed to gain mindshare with Connection sales managers and team leaders to utilize us when questions come up.

Now we have reps calling Tim or myself on a daily basis! Tim has been able to jump in on quoting situations and remedy anything that needs fixing.

This has gone a long way with the Connection sales teams especially during EOM/EOQ. They see Climb as an extension to their SolarWinds sales support and they are not shy to lean on us! Our Brand Sales group is a differentiator for Climb, I hear it often.

We are eager to keep growing the business and expand our reach into the Connection book of business!

Success stories such as the one above are a great answer to the question of “Why Climb?”. We pride ourselves on helping our vendor partners enable their business to grow all while providing the optimal solutions stack to our reseller partners. These stories are a reminder of the continued achievements that has led to our success as Climb today. Stay tuned for new Climb success stories all summer long ☀

Connect with our SolarWinds BSS Tim Metcalf!