Enables Channel Partners to Deliver Badly Needed Insight into Customers’ Rapidly Growing Unstructured Data Storage Estate

Datadobi recently announced the launch of the StorageMAP File System Assessment Service. In collaboration with Climb Channel Solutions and other Datadobi partners, and with the intelligence capabilities of StorageMAP, channel partners can now provide their customers with a comprehensive understanding of their expanding unstructured data environment and help them make informed decisions regarding its management, build business cases to secure the resources required, and take definitive action to meet objectives and overcome challenges.

The launch of the new service is in response to the exigent demands of unstructured data. More specifically, Gartner has estimated that 80% – 90% of data is unstructured and that it is growing three-times faster than structured data. And recent research from Techjury reveals that 95% of businesses cite the need to manage unstructured data as a problem for their business.

In related news, Datadobi has also announced the general availability launch of StorageMAP software version 6.4 which now includes additional Executive Level Reporting along with highly detailed reports via its Analytics Module and the unique Datadobi Query Language (DQL). These new capabilities provide the foundation for the new StorageMAP Assessment Service.

To learn more about the StorageMAP Assessment Service click here.