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Two solutions delivered on the Delinea Platform

By moving as closely as possible to zero standing privileges, you reduce risk. With continuous oversight, you can adjust as risk factors change and respond to threats as they happen. 

Both Delinea Privilege Control for Cloud Entitlements and Delinea Identity Threat Protection are delivered through the Delinea Platform, centralizing authorization to make you more secure and your teams more productive. 

Identity Threat Protection

  • Discovers all identities their access to surface identity misconfigurations.
  • Detects signs of an identity-based attack in progress.
  • Builds context so you can understand the full access each identity has across multiple identity providers, SaaS applications, cloud, and traditional infrastructure.
  • Responds with insight using AI-driven risk scoring that accounts for multiple factors.

Privilege Control for Cloud Entitlements

  • Provides visibility of all human and non-human identities and their access pathways across public multi-cloud infrastructure so you can understand them.  
  • Discovers the riskiest identities by revealing misconfigurations and detecting anomalous behavior.
  • Achieves least privilege by right-sizing entitlements to reduce risk without interfering with an identity‚Äôs task.
  • Continuously monitors for new users, shadow admins, and privileged users.