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Why Partner with Canonical

Canonical is the publisher of Ubuntu, the most popular operating system for public cloud workloads, a leading open infrastructure platform in the enterprise data center, as well as the emerging categories of smart gateways, AI/ML, self-driving cars and advanced robots. 

The Canonical way to open source in the enterprise starts with Ubuntu and reaches every part of the stack. 

At Climb, we work with you on supporting your customers. We know that time is valuable, so we put together solution showcases that give you a range of cross-sell opportunities depending on what your customers are working on or which sector they fit in. So, if your customers are asking for a specific product, find out what project they’re working on and not only increase your margin but also improve your relationship with your customers. 

Canonical offers solutions for:

  • Paradigm shift to open source
  • #1 enterprise cloud operating system
  • Secure and support all open source
  • Cost-effective subscription model 

Ubuntu Pro

Ubuntu Pro expands Canonical’s ten-year security coverage to an additional 23,000 packages beyond the main operating system covering the critical infrastructure and open-source applications. 

Ubuntu Pro can help with: 

Build with confidence using the world’s favorite Linux operating system. Ubuntu delivers long-term supported releases every two years. 

Flexible and engineered for efficiency. From small, private clouds on rails to clouds at any scale. 

Deploy, integrate and operate applications on any infrastructure with a seamless admin experience across Kubernetes and VMs. 

Speed up time-to-market and lower maintenance costs. Ship devices that are self-healing, secure and always up to date. 

Focus more on innovation and simplify operations with our multi-cloud data and AI solutions. Get the predictable economics you need to scale your projects. 

One subscription to offload security, compliance, and support for your entire open-source stack.