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Why Partner with Seagate

Out there, it’s a data economy. In here, we help you capitalize on it.

In a Seagate sponsored report, IDC found that 45% of data created by IoT is stored, processed, analyzed, and acted upon at or near the edge of the network. Ready to capitalize on that trend? Building solutions centered on quality Seagate products and services is a great start.

Partner Benefits


We’ll support your business growth through co-marketing, marketing development funds (MDF) support, and tier discounts on Seagate storage systems that unlock as you progress through the program.


Drive and close new opportunities with deal registration, reference architectures, evaluation drives, and by connecting with other Seagate partners innovating in new and existing industries.

Training & Education

Deepen your expertise about the cutting-edge storage solutions crafted by Seagate and our partners through self-paced training courses and certifications in Seagate’s training portal. Plus, learn from detailed use cases how our partners are helping real-world businesses harness more of their data’s potential.


Confidently introduce new, relevant solutions to your customers through beautifully designed marketing assets and support.

EXOS Flash Arrays


  • Real-time Analytics
  • Database Acceleration
  • VMs and Containerized Applications



  • Big Data Analytics
  • Media Streaming
  • Surveillance Data
  • Tier 2 Storage
  • Back Up and DRaaS


  • STaaS – Pay for what you use
  • Scalable, modular, works out of the box with most SDS Solutions
  • Highly secure with Self-encrypting Drives
  • High performance and capacity enterprise solutions built for your toughest workloads and environments

Lyve Mobile


  • On-site Data Transfers
  • Data Migrations
  • Edge Computing Data Collection

Cloud Import


  • Cloud Seeding
  • Data Backup to Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions


  • Delivered just in time with cost-efficient as-a-service model
  • Scalable, modular, with multiple interface options to fit your customers environment
  • Data going to an S3 cloud? Seagate import services can ingest the data to designated locations for you
  • Highly secure with physcial harward encryption, identity access management and other features for peace of mind
  • High performance and capacity enterprise solution built for your toughest workloads and environments
  • Vendor and cloud agnostic, built for in the field or for use in a data center

Lyve Cloud


  • Backup and Archival
  • Large Media Libraries
  • Static Web Content Hosting
  • Long-term Data Retention


  • Pay for what you use with no egress and no API fees
  • Scalable, modular, works out of the box with any S3 applications
  • Highly secure with Encryption at Rest and Encryption in Transit
  • High performance and capacity enterprise solution built for your toughest workloads and environments
  • True multi-cloud workflows, data in Lyve Cloud whule rest of IT intra in other clouds

Industries & Vertical Markets

Media & Entertainment

Geoscience & Energy

Transportation & Autonomous Vehicles

Video Image Applications

Research & Life Sciences

SLED & Higher Education

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