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Why Partner with SmartBear

Do your partners see you as a resource?

Companies today need new levels of visibility and automation, but they have an overwhelming amount of options to choose from. They look to you to provide solutions that integrate well and have strong support. With SmartBear, you have a great opportunity to help them, and build strong relationships in the process.

Designed to integrate with the tools they use

SmartBear has an unsurpassed breadth of proven development tools that span the SDLC. They’re designed to integrate smoothly with however your partner’s team works and whatever they’re already using. So customers can deliver with more speed, higher quality, and greater confidence.

Solutions that spread across the entire SDLC, including:

  • API standards and governance
  • Automated testing
  • Performance monitoring

Unlike point tools or legacy monolithic platforms, these tools are now part of three hubs,  designed with your partners’ best interests in mind. They can use what they need and grow with ease.

Community matters.

With SmartBear, teams can confidently build, test, release, and monitor software that powers great user experiences and through our strong community we help you and your partners succeed every step of the way.


As a preferred reseller, you have direct access to our award winning support team and help with any unique situations your customer runs into.

SmartBear Community

SmartBear has a robust, active community for every tool, full of software professionals eager to help out industry colleagues.


Each tool has a full resource of free, easy-to-follow training that they (and you) can find on Partner Learn Academy.

“The partnership is effortless. SmartBear provides our teams with tremendous support to succeed in software testing and development.”

Jaci SuttonDirector, Vendor Manager TeamClimb Channel Solutions
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