Have you ever questioned Fortran and oneAPI and how they fit together? We are ready to answer some of your big questions!

1. Is Fortran part of Intel® oneAPI?

Yes. Fortran Compiler is a large part of oneAPI, although it may not receive the same publicity. It fits well into the range of development tools and libraries included within oneAPI.

2. Isn’t Intel® oneAPI just about GPUs?

Intel oneAPI’s strategy is supported by:

  • Intel Fortran Compiler (ifx) – with a leading implementation of the OpenMP* standard for offload to Intel GPUs
  • Recently implemented feature to automatically offload DO CONCURRENT blocks to GPU
  • Intel compilers always provide leadership performance for Intel® Architecture CPUs
  • The latest Intel Fortran Compiler (ifx) and Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic (ifort) provide leadership performance for Fortran applications on supported CPUs
  • ifx also provides support for Intel’s GPUs. 
3. Why should I move from Intel® Parallel Studio XE (PSXE)?
  • Updated with the latest Intel processors and therefore providing advanced processor support
  • Our Fortran compiler in oneAPI is moving forward in support for the new Fortran Standards
  • The latest version of Intel® Fortran should do everything your older PSXE Fortran compiler did, and more
  • Security fixes are released on a regular basis
  • Operating systems and hardware are up-to-date with Fortran Compiler
4. What is the latest version of oneAPI (as of April 2023)?

This latest update of the oneAPI toolkits and components (April 2023) is version 2023.1.0.  Included in the Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit are:

  • Intel® Fortran Compiler, version 2023.1.0
  • Intel® Fortran Compiler Classic, version 2021.9.0

For more information on how Intel® Fortran Compiler Fits into Intel® oneAPI, contact our Brand Sales Specialist!