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Macrium Software, the industry leader in image-based backup and recovery software, has announced the launch of Macrium SiteDeploy®, a new product with the potential to save IT professionals days of work on Windows operating system (OS) deployment. Macrium SiteDeploy® is designed to reduce the number of manual steps performed during the deployment process. This can significantly cut complexity and reduce deployment time, potentially saving IT teams days of work*.

For example, deploying 100 Windows PCs using Macrium SiteDeploy® with Microsoft Sysprep answer file injection could equate to a time saving of 16 hours, or two working days, compared to the manual processes widely used in the industry. This could free up time, resources and budget for businesses to focus on strategic priorities and innovation.

“Despite how crucial and ubiquitous it is across all organizations and industries, creating and deploying images remains a headache for IT professionals,” explained Nick Sills, CEO of Macrium Software.

“A full deployment process can involve many manual steps. This means it often takes significantly longer than projected, costing businesses time and money. On the other hand, much of the software on the market to automate deployment includes convoluted features. These are often unnecessary and can get very expensive, very quickly.”

Imaging and deployment are required in many scenarios across most businesses and organizations. It enables multiple or large numbers of endpoints – e.g., computers, servers or thin clients, to be built or restored to a set state. This standardizes OSs, so apps, software and security settings run consistently across devices. It also reduces the time and resources needed and offers greater control over configuring and managing IT infrastructure.

Cutting complexity

A common challenge with imaging and deployment is how complicated the deployment process can become. One of the causes of this is the need for businesses to deploy to different types of hardware. Using Macrium’s proprietary software ReDeploy and Driver Harvesting, Macrium SiteDeploy® can alleviate this by ensuring deployments work across disparate hardware. Macrium SiteDeploy® also automates partition resizing, taking away yet another step often performed manually by IT admins.

Its intuitive dashboard empowers users to deploy, monitor and manage large volumes of endpoints from one place. Offering greater control over system and process management, Macrium SiteDeploy® also allows IT admins to organize images and repositories using custom tags, even at scale.

Faster deployment

Another key aim behind the development of Macrium SiteDeploy® is to cut the time deployment takes. With a built-in Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) and the ability to inject templated answer files for Microsoft Sysprep, Macrium SiteDeploy® can save hours in setup time. The answer file allows admins to reduce manual configuration and bypass the out-of-box experience with preconfigured admin accounts and active directory settings.

As businesses prioritize digital transformation and work to scale up their remote operations, the global OS imaging and deployment software market is projected to grow by 14% between 2022 and 2030⁺.

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