LogicGate has a deep understanding of the growing risks to cybersecurity and is dedicated to helping resellers and end users manage and mitigate potential threats, including cyber-attacks and data breaches. The risks extend beyond financial loss, encompassing theft of intellectual property, productivity declines, and reputational damage. Cyber incidents can cost organizations globally an average of $4.3 million each, with the United States facing even higher costs, approaching $10 million per incident. These incidents lead to lost revenue, disruption of operations, mitigation expenses, legal fees, and fines. Moreover, organizations experiencing data breaches suffer reputational damage, often taking years to repair, and may lose customers as a result. To effectively manage cybersecurity risks, organizations need robust cybersecurity risk management programs to identify, measure, and mitigate these threats – and LogicGate can help.

How to Manage Cybersecurity Risk
  • Understand your cybersecurity risk landscape
  • Assess and quantify your cybersecurity risk and cyber risk exposure
  • Identify and implement mitigation measures and business continuity plans
    • Organization-wide cybersecurity training and awareness programs
    • Multi-factor authentication/zero-trust
    • Vulnerability testing
    • Cybersecurity insurance
    • Cyber risk acceptance
    • Cyber risk avoidance
  • Continuously monitor cybersecurity risk
Best Practices
  • Centralize your cybersecurity risk data
  • Break down institutional silos
  • Consider your third-party and vendor relationships
How LogicGate can Help

Modern GRC technology like LogicGate Risk Cloud allows you to connect, centralize, and quantify all of your cybersecurity risk data under one hood, then automate and streamline the tasks and processes necessary for effectively managing cyber risk.

LogicGate’s Cyber Risk & Controls Compliance Solution’s functionality includes:

  • Cyber Risk Management Application
    • Connect assets, risks and controls, then automate cyber risk management program
  • Controls Compliance Application
    • Centralize and automate control evaluations, evidence collection and reporting across an enterprise
  • Risk Cloud Quantify
    • Add business context to risk reporting by translate cyber risk into financial impact
  • Client Success, Support & Training
    • Get the licenses, implementation services and training needed to mature cyber risk management program
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