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Adobe’s status as the most popular design software means thousands of creative teams rely on programs like Photoshop and Illustrator every day to get their work done. But the creation of any client project, even using Adobe products, is full of risk that can affect the final output:

+ Am I sure the correct client fonts are being used?
+ Can I prove my assets are properly licensed?
+ Did a team member change something when they collaborated?
+ How can I prove everything is right when I send my creative asset to a client or to production?

Reduce Last-Minute Revisions And Errors By 50%
In addition to providing a place to search, share, store, and edit fonts and creative assets made in Adobe, Connect + Insight identifies risks that Adobe doesn’t:

+ Quick-scanning engine to report on risks in Adobe documents at any point of the creative process, no matter the stage or where they’re stored.
+ Licensing compliance and risk management reporting, including exporting compliance PDFs to share with clients or a production team.
+ Insight into how fonts and Adobe documents are connected to simplify buying and renewal decisions for assets outside of Creative Cloud.
+ Licensing Status Dashboard to alert teams to licenses that are expired or expiring soon.

Want to see how Extensis can work for your customers? Contact our Climb Alliance Manager and we’ll walk you through a future where Adobe users can accelerate the creative process and prevent any font or file problems from becoming a challenge in the handoff to production.