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Jaja Finance Improves Content Security and Operational Efficiency Enterprisewide

Jaja Finance was founded in 2015 by three London-based Norwegian entrepreneurs with a goal of simplifying credit card usage for consumers. In recent years it has acquired the credit card businesses of the Bank of Ireland, the UK Post Office, and the UK Automobile Association to add to its Jaja-branded credit cards.

According to Jim Newman, head of Information Security at Jaja Finance, the company initially chose Kiteworks to facilitate secure file sharing, primarily via the use of secure virtual data rooms (VDRs). After the first successful applications, Jaja opened up the Kiteworks platform to new use cases. “Every department uses it now,” Newman reports.

“Nobody offers what Kiteworks does—the combination of virtual data rooms, simple file sharing and data transfer, and the flexible pricing that lets you shift the number of users up or down.” – Jim Newman, Head of Information Security, Jaja Finance

Today, Kiteworks usage at Jaja is as diverse as the company’s departments, tasks, and workflows, which include:

  • Customer access to PII – In compliance with GDPR, Jaja gives customers 30-day access to their records using Kiteworks’ secure VDR.
  • Workflow efficiency – Jaja uses Kiteworks’ application programming interfaces (APIs) to route information coming in from the Apache Airflow workflow management platform. Once analyzed by Airflow, the information is routed through Kiteworks to the appropriate team or person at Jaja, removing inefficient manual processes.
  • Internal transfer of sensitive information – Newman and his team concluded Microsoft solutions are insufficient for sensitive data transfer. Instead, Kiteworks is the only approved solution for sharing credit card numbers internally. Jaja also transfers all customer call recordings internally using Kiteworks.
  • Series funding – Jaja uses Kiteworks as a secure file repository for financing rounds. Kiteworks provides an integrated audit trail with detailed logs, so authorized Jaja employees are notified when a potential investor accesses or downloads prospectuses, financial tables, and other investment documents.
  • Board communications – Jaja uses Kiteworks for secure communications between board members, who can easily and securely share confidential information before, during, and after meetings.
  • Emailing sensitive information – Users upload customer lists in CSV format into Kiteworks and sends them to trusted third parties using Kiteworks secure email.
  • Reassigning work of terminated contractors – Jaja leverages an integration with the JumpCloud directory platform and its LDAP functionality to reallocate Kiteworks folders created by temporary workers once they have left the company.

These extensive use cases have resulted in numerous direct benefits for Jaja:

  • Ease of use – “We just had an onboarding session with the Kiteworks guys for a couple hours and then we were up and running, so we didn’t need any formal training,” Newman recalls. Ease of use was a key driver of high adoption throughout the company.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) integration – Kiteworks is integrated with Jaja’s SSO solution, making it easier and more secure for users to sign in and access the platform.
  • Responsive customer service – “The Kiteworks team is good at dealing with any problems and have an exceptional attention to detail,” Newman says. “You really get the sense that they care about their customers and want them to be happy with the product. That level of customer service is rare these days.”
  • Transparent pricing – Newman contends that this is one of Kiteworks’ standout features. Jaja previously used a VDR provider to give consumers access to their private information. But Jaja was charged every time a customer accessed their data, which resulted in tens of thousands of pounds in unplanned usage fees. “We always know how many users we have and how much data is being transferred, so cost control is a piece of cake,” he explains.

“Nobody offers what Kiteworks does—the combination of virtual data rooms, simple file sharing and data transfer, and the flexible pricing that lets you shift the number of users up or down,” Newman asserts. “We have an excellent relationship and rapport with everyone we’ve dealt with at Kiteworks.”


  • Provide secure file sharing for sensitive data
  • Enable secure customer access to personal data in compliance with GDPR

Kiteworks Solution

  • Kiteworks content firewall with secure email, file transfer, file sharing, and APIs for seamless, efficient, easy, and secure collaboration

Business Impact

  • Tens of thousands of pounds saved by eliminating legacy VDR solution
  • Lower employee training costs due to ease of use
  • Fast companywide adoption due to ease of use
  • Easy-to-understand and transparent pricing and licensing
  • Granular access to data and controls

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