Macrium Software has two new exciting updates to share this quarter. The first is the general availability of its first imaging and deployment software, SiteDeploy®.

SiteDeploy® – Saving IT Teams “Days of Work”

Macrium SiteDeploy® is designed to reduce the number of manual steps performed during the deployment process. This can significantly cut complexity and reduce deployment time, potentially saving IT teams days of work.

For example, deploying 100 Windows PCs using Macrium SiteDeploy® with Microsoft Sysprep answer file injection could equate to a time saving of 16 hours, or two working days, compared to the manual processes widely used in the industry. This could free up time, resources and budget for businesses to focus on strategic priorities and innovation.

Gain Early Access to the SiteDeploy Webinar Recording

To mark the launch of SiteDeploy®, Macrium held a webinar to offer early adopters a product demo, highlighting its key features and how it seamlessly integrates with the business’ other products. Macrium is pleased to offer Climb newsletter subscribers early access to the webinar recording here. SiteDeploy® details are available here and any further questions can be directed to Jack Kahl at

Introducing Site Manager 8.1

Last week, Macrium unveiled a series of improvements to Site Manager and announced the availability of its latest version, Site Manager 8.1. This update improves the user experience, features integrations for its seamless use alongside other products and includes the following

  • Speed improvements
  • Macrium boot media agent
  • Integration with Macrium SiteDeploy
  • Simplified disaster recovery
  • Improved interface
  • Post-backup power saving
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For more details on this upgrade, read Macrium’s latest blog post, watch the Site Manager 8.1 demo video or access the release notes here.