We want to make sure you not only know who to contact here at Climb, but how our field sales teams can help you grow your business. Each quarter, we are going to introduce you to another couple of Climb Field Representatives. We want to make sure you are armed with the information that will help you connect with the right person, as this is the best way for you to #ClimbWithUs! 

Jennifer Mish, Director of Corporate Marketing for North America, interviewed Randy Jones, Climb Regional Sales Director for the Mid-Atlantic, and Sandy DeVico, Director of National Account – SHI to get the inside scoop on their strategies going into 2024 and how they are helping resellers build out the best solutions stacks for their customers’ needs. 

First up, Randy Jones, our Mid-Atlantic Field Representative.

Jennifer Mish: Randy, what is your role and tell us about your Climb history? 

Randy Jones: I am the Mid-Atlantic Territory Manager and going 1.5 years in this role.  I’ve been in distribution now for over 11 years working for Dale Foster [Climb’s CEO] and Charles Bass [Climb’s CMO].  My experience in distribution goes across inside sales, product management, alliances, field sales, and territory management.  

My role is to connect our emerging technology solutions with our partner community to enlighten, enable, and ultimately close business together with the technologies Climb distributes.    

Jennifer Mish: How do you work with resellers/partners?  

Randy Jones: Because Climb puts such an emphasis on disruptive and emerging technologies, I find myself challenging partners to look at their solution offerings a different way.  You don’t have to be bound to the HP, Dell, NetApp, IBM.  It’s a great feeling to be at the beginning of a technological journey as they build their channel sales strategy for growth.   

There are so many different ways to communicate and touch base whether email, text, social media, phone, zoom, or in person that I ensure I am able to adapt to how my partner’s work.  However, nothing beats a face-to-face meeting.  If I can get a reseller rep and technology rep in the same room, we can typically get something done very quick. 

The largest opportunity this year to really meet our technologies and get a feel for Climb will be our Blue Angels event in May.  This is where we showcase our portfolio and watch a great air show during Naval Academy graduation week. 

Connect With Randy, your Climb Mid-Atlantic Rep 

Jennifer Mish: Let’s get personal. Tell us something about Randy when he is not at Climb.  

Randy Jones: A little about myself… I recently became a father in 2023 and am a lacrosse player turned golfer at this point in my life. 

Finally let’s meet Sandy DeVico, our SHI Field Representative.  

Jennifer Mish: How long have you been with Climb Channel Solutions and tell us about your experience in the channel? 

Sandy DeVico: Thanks, Jennifer. I have been with Climb for 4 years. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dale Foster, CEO of Climb, and Tim Popovich, President of Climb, for the last decade. We’ve worked together to mutually grow the channel business. I’ve spent 26 years in the channel, focusing on the reseller and distribution IT market, particularly in Cloud, AI, Software Programs, and Licensing. 

Jennifer Mish: How do you work with partners? 

Sandy DeVico: My territory spans nationwide, with a specific focus on a former employer, SHI, where I spent two decades. I’m grateful for the chance to continue providing growth opportunities to SHI from a different perspective. 

I am always looking to explore new audiences and connections and understanding everyone’s role within organizations to create lasting partnerships.  

Understanding the customer’s business perspectives, offering true disruptors to the market, continuous education in the ever-changing technology landscape, and remaining adaptable and teachable are just a few ways I work with partners and vendors.  

Jennifer Mish: How do you prefer resellers to connect with you? 

Sandy DeVico: All channels are open. While electronic communication is common, I value phone calls for building genuine connections. 

Jennifer Mish: Tell us what you like to do when you are not working.  

Sandy DeVico: I have a small Italian family in New Jersey, enjoy sports like Ice Hockey, Racing, Football, and Baseball, and spend my free time with my pups, birds, hiking, and traveling. My favorite vacation spot is Guanacaste, Costa Rica. And not many people know this, but I’m a proud owner of a few Mustangs – the Ford kind, not the horse kind. I love racing and modifying them for speed. 

Connect with Sandy, your Climb SHI Rep! 

In the next Climb newsletter, we will be interviewing more of Climb’s Sales team helping you to get to know the critical team members that will help you grow your business.