Did you know that OpenText has released new CyberSecurity MSP Offerings?

OpenText MSP offerings fill in services gaps that will help set you apart from the competition and help make your services more “sticky”.   If your customers are concerned about security, compliance and/or cyber liability insurance, these offerings will help:

  1. Data Privacy and Protection – using Voltage Fusion.   A SaaS that uses AI to detect and protect unmanaged sensitive data (PII, IP, Financial).
  2. Application Security – using Fortify on Demand.  A SaaS that finds vulnerabilities in code while it’s in development, drastically reducing breach risk.
  3. Multi-Factor Authentication – Using NetIQ Advanced Authentication.  A SaaS that covers more platforms and more use cases than all the competition.
Click this link to learn more information about the CyberSecurity Solutions and to join as an MSP partner.