Emails with sensitive information can cause a lot of problems in the wrong hands. Damage to your customers’ reputations, compliance violations and fines are just a few possibilities.

That’s why OpenText has added Webroot Email Encryption to their cybersecurity portfolio, so your customers can protect their email with automatic email encryption, sensitive data loss prevention and data bundles that include training for users.

Benefits of Webroot Email Encryption:

  ✔     Removes the hassle of encrypting email

✔      Gives teams the peace of mind that sensitive data sent via email is secure

✔      Email Message Privacy makes it simple to send and receive secure messages

✔      Advanced Email Threat Protection provides multi-layered filtering for both inbound and outbound emails

 ✔     Email Continuity provides users access up to 30 days of company email across all devices

Help your customers protect their email from cyber threats and stay compliant today!