SmartBear has announced its plans to acquire Stoplight, a prominent player in API design and documentation, alongside its associated open source tools – Spectral, Prism, and Elements. The move comes at a time when the demand for seamless developer experiences across various systems is paramount for enhanced productivity and faster time-to-market. This aligns with the findings of SmartBear’s 2023 State of Software Quality | API survey, which highlighted integration with existing tools, user-friendliness, and easy implementation as key factors influencing API tool choices. Stoplight’s open source solutions, including Spectral, Prism, and Elements, are widely recognized for their extensive governance, virtualization, and documentation capabilities in API development.

SmartBear’s commitment to improving developer experience has led to the integration of tools like PactFlow and the launch of support for AsyncAPI and OAS 3.1. The acquisition of Stoplight further accelerates this initiative, echoing SmartBear’s core pillars for product development: Open & Universal, Developer’s Choice, and Enterprise Ready. Together, SmartBear and Stoplight aim to create an API development platform that offers a seamless developer experience through widely-used open source tools, ultimately making these tools accessible within the same framework. The acquisition not only aligns with SmartBear’s strategic direction but also validates Stoplight’s focus, paving the way for integrated governance, virtualization, and documentation capabilities in the API market.

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