IRONSCALES Fights Phishing For You

Our self-learning, AI-driven email security platform continuously detects and remediates advanced threats like BEC, credential harvesting, account takeover and more in your company’s mailboxes.

Phishing Continues to be a Significant Challenge

Email-Based Attacks Continue to Accelerate

Email-based attacks are the biggest threat facing your company. Attackers introduce billions of new phishing emails every single day. Legacy technologies like Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) simply can’t keep up with the volume or types of email threats in today’s world, as they were designed for the previousera of on-premises environments.

Cloud Email Providers Don’t Do Enough

Cloud email providers offer some email security capabilities, but not enough to defend your company against today’s rapid and evolving social engineering attacks such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), internal and vendor impersonations, supply chain attacks, Account Takeover (ATO) and other financial frauds that are hyper-targeted against your organization.

Security Teams Struggle to Keep Up

Security teams struggle to keep up with the overwhelming number of suspected phishing attacks and resulting breaches. Mean Time To Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time To Respond (MTTR) to threats can take weeks, months or even years, leaving you exposed.

Defending the Enterprise: Trends & Tactics in BEC Attacks

Many organizations deploy a defense-in-depth approach but are using fragmented approaches with technologies that are ineffective at addressing BEC attacks. Learn more from the report.

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Platform Features

IRONSCALES is an easy to use, fast to deploy, affordable, and powerful anti-phishing platform.

Fast to Deploy

We make it fast to deploy, 2-clicks and you’re up and running.

Smart Dashboard

See how IRONSCALES is protecting your environment with a simple, elegant dashboard. View prioritized incidents that require your attention and take action in a single click.

More Effective

Our Human + Machine approach uses software to stop up to 99% of attacks. We integrate humans into our solution to address the last 1%.

Join our Community

We make you part of the team — every customer is a part of our Community and can help warn everyone else about newly discovered threats anonymously.

Work on the Go

Our mobile app allows your security team to triage notifications from your users and alert the Community of potential threats.

Easy to Manage

We make it easy to manage — and we’re deeply committed to providing you with a platform that is ridiculously easy to use.

Baseline User Activity

On day one, we automatically perform a 90-day scan of your mailboxes to build a unique “baseline fingerprint” for users to identify anomalous behavior.

Awareness Training

Security teams can launch campaigns for specific groups or and phishing simulation tests identify vulnerable employees and them with specific training content.

Customer Experience

Every customer is assigned a Customer Success Manager to provide expert guidance from onboarding to 24/7 help and assistance.

What’s In It For You?

Join our 5-star Partner Program

The IRONSCALES partner program was created to enable, incentivize, and reward partners for selling IRONSCALES' premium email security solution. The program offers a tiered structure to best fit different partner organization sizes, with strong benefits at each engagement level. Learn more »

Multi-tenant deployment

Short sales cycles with easy access to POCs and Demos

Bulk pricing

Flexible billing

White labeling

Initial and ongoing training & support

Self-provisioned licenses

Deal registration

Numerous SIEM/SOAR integrations

Marketing content and campaign support/ SPIFF opportunities

What’s In It For Your Customers?

Protection against advanced phishing attacks (BEC, ATO and more)

Fast onboarding – start seeing value immediately

Reduced security team workload

Coverage for multiple email platforms (O365, Gmail, Exchange)

Integrated security awareness training

Mobile app provides singleclick incident resolution team workload

Inclusion into the IRONSCALES Community

Multi-lingual support

90-day scanback of all O365 mailboxes

On-demand simulated phishing campaigns

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