Bridging Now and Next

When the competitive ground shifts, you need to be ready. By bridging the gap between existing and emerging technologies, Micro Focus’ software helps customers innovate faster, with less risk, on their path to digital transformation.

Four intersecting paths to digital transformation


Build and Deliver Better Software Faster.


Operate with Agility.


Secure What Matters Most.


Analyze in Time to Act.

Enterprise DevOps: Build and Deliver Better Software Faster

Help your customers unleash the power of DevOps across hybrid IT—quickly bringing innovative ideas to life at the pace their businesses demand. With Micro Focus, your customers can:

Build on what works by bridging old and new technologies as they navigate change.
Reduce operational friction by optimizing value streams from request to business value.
Boost business confidence by engineering quality and security into every application.
Deliver better outcomes by leveraging feedback and analytics to continuously improve.
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Hybrid IT Management: Operate with Agility

Help your customers master hybrid IT with new agility—bridging traditional and transformational IT services from mainframe to mobile, from corporate to cloud. With Micro Focus, your customers can:

Accelerate delivery of Hybrid IT resources across traditional and transformational IT environments.
Support digital innovation by employing flexible technologies that evolve with their needs.
Increase IT efficiency by automating routine tasks using preconfigured workflows.
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Security, Risk & Governance: Secure What Matters Most–Identities, Applications, and Data

Help your customers take a holistic, analytics-driven approach to securing what matters most—identities, applications, and data. With Micro Focus, your customers can:

Manage identities by governing privileges, enforcing access controls, and unifying identity stores.
Protect data by discovering where it is, determining who has access, and guarding it wherever it resides.
Secure applications by embedding strong security and best practices into DevOps processes.
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Predictive Analytics: Analyze in Time to Act—Accurate Predictions, Actionable Insights, and Automated Discovery

Can your customers transform volumes of high-growth disparate data into accurate and actionable predictive insights—all with automated discovery? Your competitive advantage depends on helping them with:

Accuracy in Their Predictions: They’ll be able to develop highly accurate and constantly updated predictive models based on unlimited volumes of all their data—not just samples—and derive meaning for real-time intelligence.
Automation for Monitoring and Discovery: They’ll be able to apply automated monitoring, discovery, analytics, and remediation to predict, adapt, and unlock business opportunities and reduce risks.
Action for Insight: They’ll be able to access predictive insight in the moment and uncover trends, relationships, and patterns so that they can make decisions at the speed of their business.
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Micro Focus Products and Solutions

The Micro Focus enhanced product suite includes 6 product groups; 23 product portfolios providing you with greater opportunity to drive more revenue through portfolio specialization and cross sell potential.

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