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Why Partner with Paessler

Paessler offers monitoring solutions for businesses across all industries and all sizes, from SMB to large enterprises, helping system administrators to gain visibility and control of their increasingly complex IT systems and alerting them to problems before users even notice.

Paessler enables companies to gain full visibility of their IT assets. It empowers IT staff to take control and helps to plan for the future.

6,850 active resellers in more than 160 countries already put their trust in a partnership with Paessler.

1) Minimize downtime

PRTG increases the uptime of all important IT systems by providing alerts for unusual activity.

2) Save money

PRTG provides the data required to make informed decisions on future purchases, ensuring you buy what you need.

3) Get all-in-one monitoring 

PRTG monitors your entire IT infrastructure. It supports all standard IT protocols as well as technologies used in healthcare and industrial IT environments.

4) See ROI faster

PRTG lets you keep an overview of the health and status of your entire IT infrastructure. Its fair and transparent licensing allows you to quickly determine your ROI.

5) Be better informed

PRTG helps you gain deeper insights into IT projects. With its highly customizable reporting system, you’ll always be informed about what’s going on.


  • We work together to develop meaningful sales leads
  • Discounts based on your partner level
  • Marketing resources and assistance
  • Potential to provide services to customers

Paessler provides IT monitoring software for every challenge, helping our customers to keep their infrastructure up, running, and optimized, while keeping everything surprisingly simple. With our 3 Paessler PRTG products, it is possible to monitor everything, whether it is on-premise, cloud or in a hybrid environment.

The solution that made the name Paessler well-known. Monitor all the systems, devices, traffic, and applications of small and midsize IT infrastructures with on-premises monitoring.

All the proven capabilities of PRTG with the cloud-based monitoring solution. Paessler handles the hosting, customers get peace of mind.

The specialized enterprise solution, best for large and very large infrastructures operating across multiple locations.

PRTG Network Monitor: making the lives of sysadmins easier

Paessler PRTG Product Brochure

Monitoring for cloud and hybrid IT. Keep an eye on your infrastructure – anytime and from anywhere

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Paessler PRTG Monitoring Solutions Compared

Learn more about the different capabilities and features of Paessler’s solutions.

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Case Study Dayton
Children’s Hospital

PRTG allows Dayton Children’s Hospital to focus on patients, not tech problems

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