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Why Partner with Seagate

Storage needs are growing exponentially. According to a Seagate® sponsored IDC report, over the next two years, enterprise data is projected to increase globally at a 42.2% annual rate, but only a fraction of that data is being stored. With AI, analytics, and machine learning, there is value in data. With Seagate, you can provide solutions to help your customers with data storage plans for edge, core, cloud, and more.


  • Work closely with partners to help craft the ideal storage solutions for your customers
  • Offer technology leadership, simplicity and great value
  • Support your business growth through co-marketing, marketing development funds support, and strong margins
  • Ppportunities to extend new products and services for your customers while enabling new recurring revenue streams for your business.
  • Deal registration
  • Discounts and promotions
  • On-demand training and certification
  • Monthly newsletter with industry news and events

Seagate provides edge to cloud storage solutions that allow your customer to optimize how and when to store and analyze data—where it’s created and consumed — in order to deliver fast, simple, secure, and streamlined data workflow, accelerating time to insight.

Systems Portfolio

From petabyte to exabyte, we offer exceptional data storage systems at the best value with industry-leading capacity, breakthrough efficiencies, and sustainable technology.

  • Data Protected JBODs – Optimized for self-healing, self-managed eco-friendly petabyte storage, the Seagate Exos CORVAULT family brings five-nines availability to scale out storage for data centers.
  • Hybrid Storage Arrays – Flexible for small to enterprise deployments, Seagate Exos X hybrid storage arrays are petabyte-scalable, rack-mounted block storage systems with advanced data protection options and an abundance of storage features.
  • Expansion Enclosures and JBODs – Seagate® Exos E expansion shelves & JBOD models enable you to build on initial storage investments and efficiently scale into exabyte-class data centers.
  • Integrated Storage Servers – Consolidated compute and storage in one chassis, Seagate Exos AP doesn’t sacrifice capacity or performance.

Lyve Cloud

Lyve® Cloud provides a new way to provide cloud storage. Enable multicloud freedom with a simple, trusted, and efficient S3 object storage solution designed for long-term predictability and maximum flexibility. No Vendor lock-in or prohibitive costs such as egress or API call fees that attack budgets and limit the volume of data that businesses can store and activate.

Data Transfer as a Service

Whether you need to move large amounts of data among sites or to the Cloud, Seagate Lyve Mobile can help. Scalable, modular, and vendor agnostic, Seagate Lyve Mobile eliminates network dependencies so you can transfer mass data sets in a fast, secure, and efficient manner. With on-demand consumption delivered as a service, you order and pay only for the devices you need, when you need them.

Innovative Storage Solutions
for Modern Hybrid-Cloud IT

Seagate® enterprise storage systems, when paired with the OSNexus
QuantaStor storage platform, provides innovative storage with scale-out
and scale-up architecture options to serve diverse workloads…

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Seagate Partner Program

Connect. Train. Drive New Business.

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ESG Technical Review

Lyve Mobile from Seagate: Edge Storage and Datatransfer-as-a-service

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Lyve Cloud: Multicloud Freedom
as a Service

Enable multicloud freedom with Seagate® Lyve™ Cloud—object storage as a service with predictable costs and no hidden fees for better cloud TCO…

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