Climb Channel Solutions is excited to announce our partnership with Invicti!

The addition of Invicti Security reinforces Climb’s exquisite line of solutions available that bring security and development teams together to help organizations secure their web applications and protect customer and company data from breach.

Invicti’s products help security professionals identify web vulnerabilities and send them to developers for remediation. Acunetix is designed for small and medium-sized companies, with technology that enables lean and nimble teams to move fast. The first-ever automated web application security scanner utilizes a unique scanning engine known for speed and accuracy in spotting vulnerabilities. Netsparker is Invicti’s scalable technology for enterprises that can scan thousands of websites and web apps with its proprietary Proof-Based Scanning technology that confirms 94% of direct-impact vulnerabilities with 99.98% accuracy.

Read the full press release here!

Together, Climb and Invicti Security will continue to grow and enhance their partnership, and look forward to the continued success.

For more information or to get yours ordered today, please reach out to your dedicated Climb rep!