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As an MSP, when you’re launching a new service offering, it pays to have essential functions already up and running. Promoting a new solution to customers is difficult enough without the onus of technical and operational issues getting in the way. The focus should be on creating the optimal experience for customers. 

The Power of a Turn-key Solution

Launching a turn-key solution allows your business to make the most of a new opportunity. There are no logistical hurdles to overcome, no technologies to test and develop. Simply sign on the dotted line and start selling.

Wasabi Account Control Manager has streamlined the way MSPs and VARs approach their service offerings. From a single pane of glass, they can provision, monitor, and invoice all their Wasabi accounts under management. And now, with an expanded feature set, Account Control Manager is the all-in-one solution for organizations looking to transform their cloud storage offerings.

Automate Account Creation

The Wasabi Account Control Manager consolidates all your Wasabi accounts into a single user interface for quick and simple viewing. It also allows for the creation of new trial accounts. Assign trial quotas and duration, as well as convert them to paid accounts when ready. These onboarding functions are essential for a turn-key solution to be successful. Ushering users from free trials to paying customers is the lifeblood of any service offering, and having this process baked into the solution helps keep your business running along.

Policies and Billing Management

Once your accounts are in production, Wasabi Account Control Manager makes it simple to monitor and invoice them. A Control Account can set up policies such as daily data usage limits and send notification when those limits are nearly reached.

Organized billing is crucially important to the health of a new service. That’s why Wasabi Account Control Manager builds invoices into the platform directly. Reports can be created automatically or for a specific range of dates.

Branding with Custom Cloud Console

It’s important for white-labeled solutions to maintain the branding the customer associates with their vendor. The new Custom Cloud Console feature adds the ability to completely rebrand the Wasabi console to match your brand’s look and feel. Leverage your own logo and color scheme in the customer-facing console to create a seamless user experience. 

As easy as standing up a turn-key solution can be, it’s more than one blog post can do. For an in-depth walkthrough on how to get your MSP up and running using Wasabi Account Control Manager:

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