Similar to colleges and universities, grade schools need to protect their data. Both store immense amounts of data on teachers and students including salaries, grades, addresses and contact information.

According to The State of K-12 Cybersecurity: Year in Review, from 2016 to 2021, 1,331 publicly disclosed school cyberattacks impacted U.S. school districts by causing:

  • Student data breaches
  • Data breaches involving teachers and school community members
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Business email compromise (BEC) scams
  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks
  • Website and social media defacement
  • Online class and school meeting invasions

Shortly after attacks, school districts are overcome by financial and structural disasters, such as:

  • Restricted learning
  • Possible financial difficulties for students and teachers from stolen information
  • Ransomware costs schools may not have the resources to pay
  • Recovery costs on top of ransomware costs
  • Increased cybersecurity insurance
  • Decrease in overall morale and trust in the school district, impacting its reputation

The resources for schools to prepare and prevent cyberattacks are few. There is not enough money for districts to hire IT professionals and it’s often hard to catch up to the sophisticated tactics attackers use. Once schools are able to figure out a strategy against a breach, hackers can switch up their approach to stay ahead… but Macrium is here to help!

By incorporating Macrium’s solutions, schools will have:

  • Complete control over where data is stored and will operate fully offline for the most secure, air-tight networks
  • Added assurance of backup image and recovery
  • Ability to work with existing IT infrastructure to make adding the software simple
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