Lyve Cloud was crafted with data security and privacy in mind. With a hardened infrastructure that aligns to guidelines set by NIST and ISO, this storage-only cloud meets the most stringent global security standards. This is further demonstrated by ISO 27001, SOC-2, and HIPAA certifications. Lyve Cloud is hosted in Tier 4 data centers, ensuring the highest class of data center availability and access. By design, data encryption cannot be disabled within Lyve Cloud. This means data is always encrypted at rest and in flight. Further, ransomware protection safeguards data from malicious attacks while object immutability protects data from accidental manipulation or deletion. Seagate believes that customer data belongs to the customer. Therefore, Seagate will never use or access any data stored in a Lyve Cloud S3 repository. With zero backdoors and high-level security features, Lyve Cloud puts the customer in full control of their data.

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