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TeamViewer’s Frontline solution recognized for the productivity gains, time savings and quality enhancements it brings to customers in the automotive industry

TeamViewer® a leading global provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, today announced it won the Best Automotive Solution award in the XR Awards 2023. Hosted by industry news leader XR Today, the competition showcases the achievements of visionary extended reality vendors who are redefining technologies around the world. This recognition highlights TeamViewer’s commitment to revolutionizing the automotive industry through its innovative Augmented Reality (AR) solution TeamViewer Frontline, which is already used by companies like BMW, Ford, Hyundai, and Toyota, among others.

TeamViewer Frontline is a fully integrated AR solution that was developed to address the significant digitalization gap faced by 80% of frontline workers in industrial environments like warehouses or shop floors. By leveraging cutting-edge wearable computing technologies, TeamViewer Frontline provides workers with the digital tools they need to significantly accelerate processes, reduce error rates, improve quality, and ensure cost savings. TeamViewer Frontline customers have experienced as much as a 40% faster inspection time, a 20% reduction in changeover time, and an astounding 90% decrease in rework.

To demonstrate its excellence in the automotive industry in particular, TeamViewer highlighted the results of its work with one of the world’s largest auto manufacturers, which operates over 7,500 dealerships globally. TeamViewer Frontline empowers technicians with instant access to vehicle experts so the technicians can make repairs faster and minimize impacts on the car owners. Within the first year of implementing the solution, the customer recorded more than 20,000 remote support calls with a remarkable time-to-resolution of as little as 40 minutes, ultimately receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the auto company’s technicians worldwide.

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