StorageMAP 6.5: Support High-Performance Data Archival and Data Movement of Large Subsets of File Data

Leveraging the advanced capabilities of StorageMAP, this cutting-edge service equips channel partners with the tools to offer clients a comprehensive grasp of their dynamic unstructured data environment. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions on data management, strategically allocate resources, and effectively address challenges to meet their business objectives.

StorageMAP 6.5 is ideally suited for archival of an entire filesystem tree to an object storage system or cloud environment. More complex use cases include fine-grained criteria-based data movement, such as archival of old files of a specific type (i.e., video files), or files whose owner is deactivated (i.e., orphaned data). StorageMAP 6.5 software can also be used to set-up data pipelines where data is moved between clouds, and/or between NAS systems.

To learn more about the functionality, download the 6.5 product update sheet.

Learn more about StorageMAP in Climb’s product press release.