Climb Channel Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of our new global website and logo, both strategic steps in bringing our worldwide operations under a single, unified brand. As we continue to grow, the recognition of the Climb brand paired with the alignment of global teams will continue to benefit our partner ecosystem worldwide.

Global Acquisition and Team Expansion

In just the past few years, we’ve undergone significant global expansion through the acquisition of three key distribution companies: Sigma in 2020, Spinnaker in 2022, and DataSolutions in 2023. These strategic acquisitions and our continued emphasis on emerging technologies have firmly positioned us as a key player globally. 

In additional internal efforts to improve cohesion between our worldwide locations, we’ve appointed Kim Stevens as VP of Worldwide Marketing. This promotion facilitates closer collaboration between our NA and UK/EMEA teams, enhancing our brand support and enabling coordinated global initiatives for our partners. Traditionally, a unified global marketing approach ensures that as our portfolio grows, the quality and variety of our vendors will create cross-sell opportunities.  This enables us to deliver even greater value together. 

Vendor and Reseller Benefits

Among internal benefits, our global expansion and alignment will bring advantages to vendors, partners, and their customers.   

For resellers, this move underscores our commitment to enhancing our brand identity, which in turn increases our appeal as a partner. A stronger brand presence not only boosts resellers’ confidence but also attracts a broader range of vendors eager to collaborate with a reputable and competitive distributor. With a well-established brand, resellers gain access to a broader range of vendors, leading to differentiated offerings and a competitive edge in the market.

For vendors, our globally recognized brand serves as a valuable route to market through our extensive network of resellers. By partnering with us, vendors tap into a trusted distribution channel with a wide reach, enabling them to effectively enter new markets and drive sales growth. Additionally, vendors benefit from our coordinated go-to-market strategy, ensuring consistency and efficiency in sales outcomes across global regions.

The Path Forward

Our people-first approach underscores the importance of establishing strong relationships that foster mutual growth. By aligning sales teams globally and emphasizing a partner-centric mindset, we ensure that partners receive personalized support and assistance tailored to their specific needs to drive business. This commitment to building meaningful connections extends to our global onboarding process, where we equip partners with the essential resources and guidance needed to embark on a successful journey with us.