Looking to expand your public sector business?  Climb Channel Solutions can help! Climb currently has a GSA IT-70 Schedule Contract and the NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) contract in place to help you gain more access to public sector end users. 

What is GSA?

The GSA Schedule is a contract vehicle available to commercial companies that wish to do business directly with the government.  The Schedule mirrors commercial buying practices providing federal, state and local buyers access to more than 11 million products and services at discounted (volume) pricing.

Climb’s GSA IT-70 GSA Contract (47QTCA19D008G) currently has 8 manufacturers approved on schedule.  These include:

  • BitDefender
  • DataCore
  • Datadobi
  • Infosec
  • Intelliflash by DDN
  • Tintri VMstore
  • Unitrends
  • Zendesk

Benefits of GSA:

  1. Pre-negotiated pricing and terms & conditions to avoid going through the bid process
  2. Competitive market-based pricing
  3. Access to federal end users

What is NCPA?

NCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) is a leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states.  NCPA was recently acquired by OMNIA Partners.  OMNIA Partners is the largest and most trusted cooperative purchasing organization for public sector procurement.  All NCPA agreements awarded by Region 14 remain in place.  Participants with NCPA also have access to the OMNIA Partners portfolio of competitively solicited and publicly awarded contracts.

Who can use NCPA?

  • School districts, higher education, Cities, Counties, Local Gov, State Agencies, Regulated Organizations, Churches, Nonprofit Corporations

Climb’s NCPA Contract (01-130) currently has 19 manufacturers approved on schedule.  These include:

  • ArcServe
  • BitDefender
  • DataCore
  • Datadobi
  • Delinea
  • Garland
  • GFI (Exinda)
  • Intelliflash by DDN
  • Rackware
  • Smartbear
  • Sonatype
  • Sophos
  • Storcentric
  • Syxsense
  • Tintri VMstore
  • Unitrends
  • Wasabi
  • Zendesk

Benefits of NCPA:

  1. Access to more end users in the public sector (K-12 Education, State & Local Government, Higher Education, Nonprofit) – 86,000+ parent agency participants
  2. Pre-negotiated pricing which helps avoid going through the bid process
  3. Ease of use – very easy to add manufacturers and resellers to contract

Benefits of becoming an authorized reseller on our contracts:

  1. Experienced Government Sales Teams – Our sales team can assist with public sector opportunities, special pricing, quoting, registering opportunities and processing orders.
  2. Full Client Control – You’ll be able to maintain full client control when pursuing opportunities through us. As a two-tier distributor, we never compete or sell directly against our resellers.
  3. Help Expanding your Public Sector Business – Allows you to leverage existing Climb contracts to grow your federal, state, and local government customer base and sales opportunities.
  4. Access to Multiple Manufacturers on Schedule – You will have access to multiple manufacturers’ product lines, giving you the ability to sell their products at pre-negotiated pricing to avoid going through the bid process.
  5. Access to Government Focused Marketing Opportunities – You’ll be able to participate in our government-focused marketing campaigns and events. These marketing activities are designed to promote our government contract products to end users, generate qualified leads, and educate both resellers and end users!

If you would like to become an authorized reseller on one of our contracts please reach out to JennaS@ClimbCS.com