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Climb’s GSA Schedule for Resellers

The most important part of Climb’s Public Sector Program is our IT 70 GSA Schedule, this also allows our authorized resellers to participate in the cooperative purchasing agreement with qualifying states.

As one of only a few IT-70 schedule holders to offer a distribution GSA, we can help you gain an exclusive competitive edge in identifying and closing deals with federal, state and local government organizations.

Why Team Up with Our IT 70 GSA Schedule?

Experienced Government Sales Teams

We have a trained sales team that is experienced with the government sales process and can assist you with your public sector opportunities. Our sales team can also assist you with special pricing, quoting, registering opportunities, and processing orders.

Full Client Control

You’ll be able to maintain full client control when pursuing opportunities through us. As a two-tier distributor, we never compete or sell directly against our resellers.

Help Expanding your Public Sector Business

Our Public Sector Business Program allows you to leverage existing Climb contracts to grow your federal, state, and local government customer base and sales opportunities.

Access to Multiple Manufacturers on Schedule

Our GSA Schedule provides you with access to multiple manufacturers’ product lines, giving you the ability to sell their products or to develop and sell solutions utilizing multiple manufacturers’ products to meet your customers’ needs.

It also gives you access to product lines that may not be available to you, to be placed on your own GSA Schedule.

Help Augmenting your Existing GSA Schedule

By entering into a Contractor Teaming Arrangement (CTA) with us, you’ll have the ability to meet government requirements by selling products from both your existing GSA Schedule and our GSA Schedule.

Access to Government-Focused Marketing Opportunities

You’ll be able to participate in our government-focused marketing campaigns and events. These marketing activities are designed to promote our GSA Schedule products to end users, generate qualified leads and educate customers!