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Why Partner with Kaseya

Kaseya is the global leader in IT & Security Management. Their complete, integrated, and cost-effective platform is trusted by over 500,000 IT Professionals globally to manage and secure more than 300 million devices.

At Kaseya, we’re dedicated to our partners’ success and have a maniacal focus on making it easy to work with us. Our award-winning partner program is simple, flexible, and extremely profitable. Our partners get access to Unitrends cutting-edge backup solutions, as well as Kaseya’s ENTIRE IT Complete Portfolio. Partner with us today to meet diverse customer needs and earn extraordinary margins on the broadest portfolio of IT & Security Management solutions.

Partnership benefits  

  • Access to Kaseya’s IT Complete Portfolio
  • Industry-leading margins 
  • Lead Registration & Deal Protection
  • Sales & Technical Training  
  • Marketing Campaign and MDF Support

Kaseya’s IT Complete is the world’s first and only purpose-built platform designed to directly address the challenges of DO-IT-ALL, multifunctional IT professionals. One vendor with everything you need, woven together to save you time, smart enough to help you get more done, and in a way you can afford.

Back up and recover anything, anywhere, no matter where the data lives

Protect Everything, Everyone, Everywhere

Unitrends offers an all-in-one solution, with one backup & recovery platform to protect it all. UniView, our single-user interface, enables you to easily manage all of your backups, whether protecting cloud, SaaS, data centers, or endpoints. With Unitrends, you can help your customers reduce IT complexity and meet regulatory compliances.

Built to overcome ransomware, data loss and downtime, Unitrends provides resilience for your customers’ data no matter where it lives.

Simply Smarter Backup

Trusted by more than 2.4 million users, Spanning backup solutions are purpose built for Microsoft 265, Google Workspace, and Salesforce and are secure, affordable and insanely easy to use.

Protect critical SaaS data with an automated solution that quietly runs in the background and automates the daily grind.

Backup available for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and Salesforce

Remotely monitor, manage & secure every endpoint in your network

Introducing the world’s first truly Unified Endpoint Management solution. Automate, secure, monitor, and manage your world at scale.

Protect your business data, digital assets & users from cyberthreats.

Transform your employees into your biggest defensive asset with Bullphish ID security awareness training.

Stop credential-related cybercrime before it starts with Darkweb ID, the leading dark web monitoring program.

Identify IT Vulnerabilities before the hackers do with Vulscan, efficient Vulnerability Management.  

Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection and Response.

Simple. Powerful. Automated. Phishing and Spam Defense.

vPenTest automates network penetration testing, helping IT teams proactively identify exploitable vulnerabilities.

Always be in the know of your network health + compliance

Automated Compliance and Security, Made Easy.

Identify IT Vulnerabilities before the hackers do.

Build a lean, agile & resilient IT operation.

The Gold Standard in IT Documentation

Manage your entire IT network infrastructure from anywhere.