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Organisations are struggling to contend with the explosive growth in unstructured data. New applications, formats, and technologies are driving this rapid increase of data, creating issues around storage costs and complexity. 

Cloudian was founded with a clear vision of bringing cloud-native storage technology to the enterprise, making data management simple, scalable, and cost effective. Their technology allows your customers of all sizes and user type to unlock the benefits of cloud-native object storage in their own data centres. 

Data protection

Protect your data with immutable storage.

Hybrid cloud

Public cloud to on-premises, reach your data whenever you need it.

Sovereign private cloud

Built for compliance, performance and data locality.

  • Highest S3 compatibility – Cloudian is guaranteed to work with your customers S3 applications. 
  • Secure – Makes your customers data immutable with Object Lock.
  • Scalable – Start small and grow without disruption.  
  • Flexible – Deploy on standard servers, containers, VMs, or in the public cloud, wherever you customers need scalable storage. 
  • Recover quickly – No waiting time in the event of an attack.
  • Centrally managed – Put Cloudian storage nodes anywhere and manage them all from one location.  
  • Lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) – Over 60% saving compared to traditional enterprise storage or public cloud with no egress charges.  

Andy Fidgeon is our Cloudian Vendor Manager and here for any questions you have around the portfolio or services we offer.

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