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Our company values


We all pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our vendors and resellers, that recognise and embrace these values.


We succeed by relentlessly pursuing our goals through hard work, determination, and building a culture of contributors.


Passionate about working with speed and accuracy for all our partners, while operating in a positive working environment.


The whole team continuously strive to become subject matter experts and be highly engaged with our partners – knowledge is power!


We are committed to accelerating growth through continuous expansion of our capabilities and partnerships with emerging technologies.


We are agile problem solvers who take responsibility for the actions we take and the overall performance of the decisions we make.

Our UK team leaders

Gerard Brophy

Chief Revenue Officer

Jane Silk

VP of Sales & Operations EMEA

James McNaughton

Director of Alliances

Sam Edwards

Head of Sales Operations

Selina Wilson

EMEA Marketing Manager

Lucy Brayshaw

Inside Sales Team Leader

Martine Mardell

Renewals Team Leader

Alekz Heath

Sales Support Team Leader

Supported by the global Climb team

Climb Global Solutions allows us to collaborate with our North American colleagues, our global approach is benefitting both our vendor and reseller partners:

“Think Global, Act Local”.

Dale Foster

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Clark

Chief Financial Officer

Vito Legrottaglie

VP and Chief Information Officer

Charles Bass

Chief Marketing Officer

Kim Stevens

VP of Worldwide Marketing

Join Climb

We are continuously growing here at Climb. Our success is due to the passionate, pragmatic, and focused individuals that work for us, and we are always on the look-out for new people to keep us climbing!

Our friendly office environment in the middle of beautiful Ashburton combined with our Hybrid Working offering makes Climb a great place to work.

Look at our vacancies page below to see what current positions we have available. We look forward to welcoming you to the team!

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