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So, what is DORA?

DORA stands for the Digital Operational Resilience Act. It was first initiated in January 2023, with the expectation to be compliant with the new regulation by 17th January 2025. This new European framework focuses on embedding a more robust and resilient security approach to ensure the operational resilience of the financial industry, including third party ICT providers of this sector, against cyber threats and operational disruptions.  

To achieve DORA compliance, financial institutions operating in the European Union (EU) must take specific measures to enhance their operational resiliency and safeguard against the associated risks. DORA is divided across FIVE PILLARS, addressing various aspects or domains within ICT and cyber security, these are explained in detail here.

The benefits of achieving DORA compliance

Reduce the chance of a cybersecurity attack 

Recover your environment fast and effectively 

Avoid non-compliance fines and penalties 

The FIVE pillars of DORA

This new regulation comes with a set of criteria and instructions that will shape how organisations within the financial sector manage their ICT processes. These requirements have been outlined within the following pillars:

ICT risk management

ICT-related incident reporting

Digital operational resilience testing

Third-party risk management

Information sharing

Professional Services

Our in-house professional services team, Climb Global Services, can provide packages and services with select vendors to assist your customers across all five DORA pillars.

Providing tailored services for: 

Best practice workshops
Health checks
UK Support
Book a demo with the Climb Global Services team below!

Climb Channel Solutions have a full portfolio of vendors providing solutions tailored to help your customers navigate DORA compliance effectively and secure their ICT environment. 

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