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Vercara is a leading global provider of cloud-delivered security services that enable businesses to thrive online, safeguarding their digital infrastructure and online presence.

Vercara’s Ultra Secure suite of solutions protect networks and applications against risks and downtime, ensuring that businesses and their customers enjoy exceptional interactions all day, every day.

Vercara started as a security division of Neustar, Inc., and now as Vercara, they remain dedicated to providing best-in-class cloud security solutions. Their mission-critical security portfolio provides leading DNS, application and network security services including UltraDNS, UltraDDR, UltraDDoS Protect., UltraWAF and UltraWPM.


UltraSecureSM is for small and mid-sized businesses that need secure and reliable DNS, managed DDoS protection, and an easy-to-use cloud WAF to protect your online presence from malicious attacks.

UltraDNS & UltraDNS²

Fast and reliable DNS Service that is trusted by global brands to secure their online presence.


Specialized TLD security solutions and TLD management, engineered to fortify and streamline TLD Nameserver operations.


Identify and prevent attacks before they happen with the next generation of protective DNS using real-time observability.

UltraDDoS Protect

Cloud DDoS protection and mitigation services to secure your digital infrastructure and online presence.


Vercara UltraWAF is a cloud-based web application protection service that protects against threats that target the application layer.


Web Performance Management – Deliver the best possible customer experience with fast, proactive insights to optimize your website performance.


One platform – with three essential services – for ensuring the availability and integrity of your online presence and protecting your brand.

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