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Optimise your software supply chain.

Sonatype is the leader in developer-friendly, full-spectrum software supply chain management providing organisations total control of their cloud-native development lifecycles, including third-party open source code, first-party source code, infrastructure as code, and containerised code. The company supports 70% of the Fortune 100 and its commercial and open source tools are trusted by 15 million developers around the world. With a vision to transform the way the world innovates, Sonatype helps organisations of all sizes build higher quality software that’s more aligned with business needs, more maintainable, and more secure.

Nexus Lifecycle

Nexus Lifecycle empowers developers and security professionals to make safer open source choices across the SDLC, ensuring organisations continue to innovate with less risk.

Nexus Firewall

Nexus Firewall allows organisations to ensure that developers are selecting only the highest quality open source components by quarantining non-compliant components and enforcing open source policies during proxy. 

Nexus Repository Pro

Nexus Repository Manager serves as the universal local warehouse to efficiently manage and distribute component parts, assemblies, and finished goods across the entire software supply chain. 

Nexus Container

Nexus Container does it all – providing full life cycle security for kubernetes-native containers, from build to ship to run. It finds and stops vulnerable container images from deploying and is the only solution with behavioural inspection that can identify all network traffic at Layer 7 and every container process to automatically create behaviour-based security policies, enforce Data Loss Protection, and prevent zero-day malware and network attacks, tunnel, and breaches.

Andrew Snell is our Sonatype Vendor Manager and is here to help you, the reseller, with scoping opportunities, product positioning, quoting and closing deals.

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