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Add-on modules for AdminStudio and SVM


Flexera’s AdminStudio and Software Vulnerability Manager give your customers the capabilities to provide out-of-the-box updates, create custom deployment packages, industry-leading security analysis to help prioritise vulnerabilities, insights that help lower the risk of deployment failure and more.

Each solution has a lot of features for your customers already, but their capabilities can be expanded with the available add-on modules.


AdminStudio is known for its ability to repackage legacy setups into desired formats and customise applications to meet the needs of an organisation. It now also provides unprecedented support for handling vendor setups to prepare applications for custom deployment faster without the need to repackage. It will recommend silent command-line options and can even provide tested, validated command line suggestions to save users time identifying and researching vendor setups.


Package Feed Module

Produce Software Packages in Record Time

While AdminStudio offers a range of great solutions for packaging, Flexera can offer your customers even more by adding on the Package Feed Module.

The largest resource of its kind, the Package Feed Module provides details on nearly 3,000 installers to help your customers create deployment packages faster. There is no need to spend hours researching and testing vendor setups any longer. It makes it as easy as selecting a product, downloading it and getting version validated command line parameters directly within AdminStudio. There it can easily test, report, convert, fix, wrap and publish the package for deployment with direct integration into distribution systems.

AdminStudio’s Package Feed Module helps users put an end to the countless hours spent creating deployment packages.

Software Vulnerability Manager

There’s a gap between the time third-party software vulnerabilities are disclosed and when they’re identified and fixed. Compounding this issue, patch catalogues are often ineffective for vulnerability management without insight into prioritisation of risk. Flexera helps to create effective software vulnerability management and security patch management processes that slash security risk by prioritising and optimising processes for managing software vulnerabilities. Now you can mitigate exposures before the likelihood of exploitation increases.


Vendor Patch Module

Address Detected Vulnerabilities More Quickly

Flexera’s Vendor Patch Module allows companies to take advantage of insights coming from SVM and deal with them quickly, using the most comprehensive patch coverage on the market (more than 1,000 out-of-the-box patches). It further allows users to easily create over 1,000 additional patches.

Threat Intelligence Module

Prioritise Patching Efforts

Flexera’s Threat Intelligence Module adds a layer of insight for organisations using Flexera’s SVM. It gives users the information they need to avoid wasting time and resources patching vulnerabilities that don’t have evidence of exploitation and favour those that do. Prioritisation is crucial for effective risk mitigation and resource utilisation.

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