Tune in for another episode of ‘A Cuppa with Climb’! In the latest installment, our host, Hope Smyth, sat down with the Vice President of Blancco, Fredrik Forslund, to discuss how end users can save time, money and the planet using their data erasure software.

The time has come for companies to dramatically change the way they work in a bid to become more sustainable and reduce the impact on the planet.

Blancco offers a solution to one of the biggest pollutants in the tech industry; eWaste. How? The answer actually saves companies in every sector money in device destroying and replacement.

So, what are you waiting for? Boil the kettle, put your feet up, and enjoy another cuppa with Climb.


Discover more about Blancco, their mission, and their brand new cloud platform, by checking out the Blancco Vendor Hub on our website. Alternatively, get in touch with our Business Development Manager, Rod McVeigh by emailing rodm@climbcs.co.uk or call +44 (0) 7714 135 628