Announcing Episode 9 of A Cuppa with Climb! This month, our host, Hope Smyth, was thrilled to invite SmartBear API Evangelist, Frank Kilcommins to discuss the key findings from their latest report, The State of Software Quality for APIs.

Unlike many areas of the software industry, where trends and solutions remain largely the same, the world of API development is different. APIs have evolved from the simple transferring of information, to becoming an essential and seamless part of every eCommerce businesses’ supply chain.

This video covers:

  • An overview of API
  • Latest study from SmartBear: The State of Software Quality for APIs
  • Why API development is moving towards a multiprotocol approach over REST
  • Examples of how APIs are becoming synonymous with brands instead of just a business tool
  • How SmartBear solutions can help with all stages of the API Lifecycle
  • How Climb can help resellers promote SmartBear to their customers

So, sit back, relax and enjoy a cuppa with Climb…

However, we couldn’t possibly cover everything SmartBear contributes to the API development sector. We’ve created a resources page, SmartBear & The API Lifecycle, packed with useful information, reports and product recommendations to help you promote SmartBear to your customers.

To find out more about SmartBear solutions, get in touch with our specialist Business Development Manager, Rod McVeigh via email or phone. Alternatively, check out the SmartBear Vendor Hub to discover everything SmartBear has to offer.