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The series, which will see a new video released every month, kickstarts today with a topic that proved very important in 2020.


Patch Management: What, why, how, and who?

Patch Management is a buzz-term thrown around by the software industry a lot, but end users still struggle to prioritise patching processes and software and opt for manual patching instead. This leaves them exposed and vulnerable to potentially devastating cyber-attacks. There are 2,500 attempted cyber-attacks every single day.

Watch the video below to see the reaction to that statistic while discussing the importance of patching with our specialist and Flexera Business Development Manager, Chris Beagle. The video reveals how you can support your customers with patch management help them see the importance of watertight cyber security processes.



To offer your customers a patching solution with over 1,200 out-of-the-box patches or find out more about Flexera and Software Vulnerability Manager, get in touch with Chris Beagle on +44(0)7494 175 687 or email