[Please note that this video was recorded before our rebrand to Climb Channel Solutions]

Today, the third installment of our video series, A Cuppa with Sigma, is released. So, take a pew, put your feet up and enjoy a cuppa with us while we provide a quick and simple overview of topics important to your customers including:

  • An overview of cloud after 2020
  • Benefits of moving to the cloud
  • Frequently asked questions from your customers
  • Occasional bloopers

We release a new video every month featuring our in-house product and industry experts to provide you with value-adding information to help you improve conversations with your customers. This month’s installment stems from our new eBook, The Reseller Guide to Cloud Business. The episode features our ManageEngine Business Development Manager, David McAdam, and Vendor Marketing Manager, Selina Wilson, the producer of the cloud eBook.

Check out the full video here:

For more information about ManageEngine‘s cloud solutions, get in touch with our specialist, David McAdam on +44 (0) 7494 175 713 or email davidm@climbcs.co.uk.

The Reseller Guide to Cloud Business is available to download on our website.