Camtasia 2023 is here with some new, fan-requested changes!

If video is a big part of your customers 2023 business strategy, they need Camtasia – the all-in-one screen recorder and video editor. Capture everything happening on your screen and turn it into polished videos that excite, explain and educate. Camtasia videos can be created from screen recordings, PowerPoint presentations, video clips, images and more, making it easier than ever to show what you know.

New Camtasia 2023 features:

Background Removal: Automatically remove the background behind you without having to worry about any confusing settings. Drag, drop, remove!

Motion Path Effect: Animate any image or lotti file to move, fly or dash across the screen in any pattern. Easily add points along your path and customise them to get the desired effect.

Corner pinning: Achieve the illusion of 3D perspective by pinning the corners of any video or still image to the screen.

Canvas rulers: Precisely place and align images and shapes on your Camtasia canvas, making your videos look more professional while taking a fraction of the time.


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