This new update delivers a variety of highly anticipated, user-requested features, alongside additional functionality that continues to both simplify and accelerate the video creation process. Whether your customers are teachers, trainers, marketers, or content creators looking to make professional-looking videos, Camtasia helps turn your video vision into reality.

New Camtasia 2024 features:

Dynamic captions: Show everything said on screen as it is spoken! Users can choose between numerous preset styles or use the properties panel to create their own unique styles.

Edit ANY video with Camtasia Rev: The Camtasia Rev workflow was introduced in Camtasia 2023 and provided users with a series of quick templating options after they finished their new recordings to accelerate their video creation. In Camtasia 2024, both new and existing media can be sent through the Rev workflow to ensure visual consistency between content and increased video editing speed.

Assets integration: Titles, footage, callouts, dynamic backgrounds, music, audio visualisers, photos, and more! Camtasia has millions of professional, royalty-free assets that users can leverage to add style to their videos. In Camtasia 2024, users can find these assets right within the Camtasia editor to get their videos done even faster.

New recording engine: Camtasia’s powerful screen recording capabilities continue to set it apart from the competition. Camtasia 2024 has a new, more powerful screen recording engine which allows users to capture higher frame rates and higher resolution screen recordings.

Text stroke: Add an outline to any text. Change the colour, size, and opacity of that outline

Tiling visual effect: Create custom animated backgrounds with a logo, image, or video repeated in a pattern across your screen

Progress bars and timers: Show time progression with easy-to-modify progress bars and countdown timers.

Editable cursor clicks: Make a static screenshot look like a video by adding a mouse cursor, then changing its position and adding clicks.

More audio visualisers: New options to visualise your voice narration, music clips, sound effects, or any audio onscreen.

More cursor effects: Additional cursor effects include the ability to scale cursor clicks or add a glow around the cursor.

More visual effects: Dozens of new behaviours, dynamic backgrounds, and transitions.

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