Canonical announced that Charmed MLFlow, is now generally available.

Charmed MLFlow is part of Canonical’s growing MLOps portfolio. Ideal for model registry and experiment tracking, Charmed MLFlow is integrated with other AI and big data tools such as Apache Spark and Kubeflow. The solution runs on any infrastructure, from workstations to public and private clouds. Conveniently, it is offered as part of Canonical’s Ubuntu Pro subscription and priced per node, with a support tier available. It comes with extensive developer features and a ten-year security maintenance commitment.


“MLFlow has become the leading AI framework for streamlining all ML stages. Its popularity arises from its flexibility in facilitating modest local desktop experimentation and extensive cloud deployment, catering to both individual and enterprise needs”, said Cedric Gegout VP Product Management at Canonical. “This made Charmed MLFlow a fitting addition to our Canonical MLOps suite, offering cost-effective solutions that enable developers to start small and scale up as their business grows, without the typical ML infrastructure hassle and with a simple Ubuntu Pro subscription”.