Canonical announced the release of Charmed Spark – an advanced solution for Apache Spark® that provides everything users need to run Apache Spark on Kubernetes.

Apache Spark is suitable for use in diverse data processing applications including predictive analytics, data warehousing, machine learning data preparation and extract-transform-load (ETL). Canonical Charmed Spark accelerates data engineering across public clouds and private data centres alike and comes with a comprehensive support and security maintenance offering, so teams can work with complete peace of mind.

“Enterprise data engineers want Apache Spark with the ease and long term security commitment of Ubuntu”, said Mark Shuttleworth, Chief Executive Officer at Canonical. “Charmed Spark is the first of many Canonical open source data solutions designed for reliability and multi-cloud operation. Every production deployment is warranted for ten years compliance and security maintenance”.


Charmed Spark is built to run Spark on Kubernetes, which brings cloud-native portability across clouds and on-premise data centres.  Charmed Spark delivers support for Apache Spark 3 with its improved Python integration and an even richer Spark-SQL feature set.