Climb Channel Solutions, a global IT services and solutions distributor, is thrilled to announce the expansion of our partnership with Seagate Technology, a leader in sustainable mass-data storage solutions. This collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of data storage and management, expanding the focus from Seagate’s renowned hardware solutions to its cutting-edge cloud storage portfolio.

For 45 years, Seagate has been at the forefront of data storage, currently holding nearly half of the global data storage market. While traditionally recognised in the enterprise world as the backbone of hardware for data centres, including those of leading public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google, Seagate is expanding its mass-data solutions offering. The core of this evolution is the transition from a hardware-centric identity to a provider of comprehensive multicloud storage solutions, underpinned by the Lyve Cloud platform tailored to enable a multicloud freedom and efficient storage for mass data.

Seagate’s transformation from hardware-centric to data-centric and cloud-focused resonates with our vision of championing growth, opportunity, and innovation at Climb Channel Solutions. Together, we are set to redefine the data management landscape, offering our partners unparalleled access to cutting-edge storage solutions that meet their customers’ needs with flexibility, scalability, and affordability,” stated Sarah Odlin, Seagate Vendor Manager, Climb Channel Solutions.

This enhanced partnership leverages Seagate’s comprehensive edge to cloud portfolio, including the Lyve Cloud service. Lyve Cloud offers a frictionless, scalable, and secure S3 object storage service, emphasising cost predictability without penalising data mobility. Unlike traditional hyperscalers that often lead to spiralling costs, Lyve Cloud ensures that enterprises are only charged for the storage they use, with no egress or API fees, providing up to 70 percent savings. This approach both supports the 3-2-1 data protection rule but also aligns seamlessly within a multi-cloud strategy, addressing the needs of customers seeking reliable, large-scale storage solutions.

At Seagate, we’re excited about the future of our partnership with Climb Channel Solutions, a key strategic partner for us. With Lyve Cloud, we are committed to supporting Climb’s efforts in delivering advanced data services to the EMEA market,” commented Steve Jones, enterprise and Lyve sales lead, Seagate. “Our goal is to ensure that the data management ecosystem benefits from our combined expertise, facilitating a smoother transition for enterprises moving towards cloud-based infrastructures.”

Climb Channel Solutions is enhancing its support infrastructure to maximise the benefits of this partnership for our resellers and MSP partners. Spearheaded by a dedicated Vendor Manager for Seagate, Sarah Odlin, we are committed to providing comprehensive enablement, opportunity scoping, and sales cycle support across EMEA.

By integrating Seagate’s Lyve Cloud into our EMEA solution portfolio, we are empowering our partners with a versatile, cost-effective, and scalable cloud storage solution, free from the constraints of traditional data management systems. This will ensure that our partners and their customers can leverage the full potential of their data across any environment.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more information and insights about Seagate’s Lyve Cloud platform on the Climb blog, so keep an eye out.

If you’d like to learn more about Seagate and their Lyve Cloud platform, please get in contact with Climb’s dedicated Seagate Vendor Manager, Sarah Odlin on